Monday, April 15, 2013

April 14th Chouteau Bend Sand Bass Fishing

I had a good friend of mine (Stacey) buy a fishing trip from me and he took a friend by the name of Don with him. Now, Don had never fished for sand bass or spoonbill either one. We launched the boat and started up river and made our first stop. Stacey and Don started putting fish in the boat right away. They put around 60 fish in the cooler and they decided they had enough fish and wanted to try a few spoonbill. Now remember, Don had never ever had done or seen any spoonbill snagged before. It did not take long to put that in the famous first spot for him. I think when it was all said and done Don had put 3 spoonbill in the boat that weighed around 60 to 65 lbs. It was a really fun day to be on the water with a great friend and to meet another great fisherman.

April 13th Sand Bass Fishing at Chouteau Bend

  I met Jack and Jill Hunt at a tackle show in Oklahoma City and they decided to book a sand bass fishing trip. Their timing couldn't have been any better. We met up at Maize Landing and off we went. Got to the first stop, baited up and the first fish was coming into the boat. We put about 15 in the boat and it started to die off so we made a move up river. I nosed the boat into the bank and we started fishing out the back of the boat. 10 minutes had passed and all of a sudden lines started pulling and fish started coming over the boat. If you look at the pictures you will see Jill smiling and that smile never left . This woman had so much fun she made my job a total blast. At the end of the day, I cleaned 55 sand bass. Oh, I forgot to mention that Jill also sacked up 2 really nice spoonbill. It was a absolute fun day to be out with some great people.

April 12 Chouteau Bend Snagging Trip

I had a group of oil field workers out and they wanted to do a little snagging and some sand bass fishing. On the way to my sand bass spot I looked down at the locator and it was lit up with some large spoonbill arches. We got out the snagging rods dropped them down and it was on. First fish came in over the boat and weighed in around 60 lbs. They caught around 3 and decided to go look for some sandies. We found them really quick and put 15 in the boat. After a rest of catching some sand bass we were off after those spoonbill again. They boated another 3 or 4 and had to cut the trip short. All of the spoonbill caught went 55 to 65 lbs. and were caught in 20 to 25 ft. of water. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 5th and 6th Chouteau Bend

 For a weekend project I had two of my brothers come down to go sandbass fishing at Chouteau Bend. Jim (the oldest of the 2) brought his wife down with him and they brought a young lady by the name of Valerie. ( more to come on Valerie ) We splashed the boat at 8 am Friday morning and we were off looking for sandies. It took a few stops to zero in on them but when we did it was some fast action. It took Bill a few misses to get the hang of it but he came on strong after that. Jim had been with me several times in past years and was a pro at it. The only thing when he caught a fish it seem to fine the anchor rope ALOT. Now back to Valerie. This young lady had never been in a boat before let alone fish out of one. Valerie got the hang of this fishing thing very quick. She probably out fished Bill and Jim and caught 2 spoonbill on top of that. Here are some pictures of Valerie with some real big smiles. Valerie, it was my pleasure to have you in the boat fishing along side of us. The 2 day total for this group was 130 sandbass and 3 spoonbill. In my heart there is nothing better then spending time with family and friends doing the things that you love to do best.