Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hybrid fishing Skiatook Lake 5/17/15

What a great trip on Skiatook Lake today. Had a good family outing and they all knew how to catch fish. Made one stop today and  never did move off that spot We stayed there for 5 hours and caught some really nice fish. The total tally for the day was 79 fish with the biggest being around 5 lbs. There were several times when they had 4 on at once and doubles was quit common.

Skiatook Lake hybrid fishing 5/16/15

Had a great trip out Saturday with a father and daughter. They did great at putting fish in the boat . We start out along a river channel and caught some really nice fish. That bite died off so we made another move and caught a few more. Made one more move and caught some bigger fish. Ended the day with a total of around 40 fish.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Skiatook Lake Hybrids on Skiatook Lake 5/9/15

Had a group of blue collar concrete workers out for a little hybrid action and the big hybrids showed up. We went to a spot that was producing some smaller fish so went off looking for some bigger fish and we found them. Most of these fish went over the 20" mark. We had anchored up in 26 ft. of water and it was just minutes before they had a bigger hybrid coming over the boat. This action continued for 2 more hours. At the end of the day they had a 4 man limit of 20 hybrids and then caught and released about another 20 to 25 more big hybrids.

Skiatook Lake 5/7/15

Had a group out from TDW last Thursday. The bite started out a little slow so we tried a couple of places and finally zeroed in on them. None of these guys have never fished for hybrids before and I would definitely say they are hooked. Most of the fish went from 3 to 5 lbs. and were caught on live shad. A lot of these fish where caught on free lines with live shad in 20 to 22 feet of water. Check out my face book page for a couple of more pictures.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Skiatook Lake May 3rd

David Boyle brought a group out this morning for some hot hybrid action. Made a stop at a place that has been really good for the last few weeks and this day wasn't any different. They put 15 really nice fish in the boat in a bout 1 hour. They all agreed to look for some bigger fish so off we went. It took a little longer for the bite but it payed off big. They finished there limit of 20" fish. Biggest fish probably went around 6 lbs.

Skiatook Lake May 2nd

Had a 2 boat trip yesterday and this group caught a lot of big fish. The bite was a little slow but we worked on it and made it happen. They easy got there 6 hybrids over 20" They called the day short and I headed in to clean some really nice fish. These were some really nice fish. The wind died down and it turned out to be a really great evening.

Skiatook lake May 2nd

Had the Bridge Church group out again this Saturday. Cleaned a 3 man limit of hybrids along with a few sand bass. For me the bite was a little tougher then normal. Still managed to get it done with the help of 3 great fisherman

Skiatook Lake April 30th

Had the Chang family out Thursday on Skiatook for a 3 hour trip and they loaded up with fish. They had a 3 man limit of 15 and had several sand bass mixed in the bunch. They caught around 25 fish total with some throw backs. Great evening to be fishing.