Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept. 21st. Fishing with the grand kids

The wife and I hitched up the camper and went to Skiatook Lake this past Thursday. The grandkids came out Friday night and we had enough daylight left  to get them into some hybrid action. Life- jackets on and off we go. Stopped on some decent looking fish activity and put out some down lines and free lines. It wasn't but a few minutes and the first fish was on with Landon ( who is 5 ) doing battle with a little help from papa. As soon as that fish hit the boat,  Kylie ( who is 9 ) had one. It took a few minutes of her doing battle to figure out who was going to win, but she finally got the fish close enough for me to scoop it out of the water. This went on for about an hour and then the cleaning started. It was a great time for my wife and I to spend time with our grandkids. For me this is what life is all about. I do have another grandkid Zach who is 2 and he is going to have a little sister in the real near future. I can't wait to be able to do it all over again with Zach and his little sister. 

Skiatook Lake Sept 22

Had a chance to fish with a good friend of mine, John Giessler, out on Skiatook Lake. We splashed the boat at 7am and we were off and running. On our first stop, John started putting fish in the boat. He caught round 10 and then the screen went blank. We headed on down the lake and  found some fish in 30 ft. of water and John, once again started to put fish in the boat. When that spot ran dry we made one more stop and started catching fish right away. John finished his limit out and with time left on the clock we went looking for some catfish. Found some in 40 ft. of water and he put 13 in the boat that ran around 2 to 4 pounds. It was a great day to be out fishing with a good friend.   

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sooner Lake Sept. 12th

I had the pleasure to take Dave and Sherry Kielhorn fishing on Sooner Lake today. It wasnt a real bad day, but it wasnt by far the best day I have had. We started at 7:00 am and found a decent bite in 16 to 18 ft, of water. That bite died out fairly quick but Dave and Sherry still put 7 fish in the boat. We made a run down to the dam and about the time we got there the wind really started picking up. Made a decision to run back where we had come from and found some fish in some 20 ft. of water. We caught half our fish on downlines and the other half on free lines. We finally got tired of fighting the wind and called it quits. I still ended up cleaning 20 fishing.

Sept.8th 2012 Sooner Lake

What a great fishing trip. I had the pleasure of taking 5 ladies out on a hybrid fishing trip last Saturday. We got on our first stop about 7:30 and they started putting fish in the boat right away. We started catching them in about 16 ft. of water. After about 45 minutes the bite died down and we where off and looking for our next stop. The next bunch we found in 30 ft. of water and once again they started make me work netting fish right away. We made a couple more stops and caught fish at every one of them. At the end of the day I cleaned 28 nice hybrids for them. Ladies it was a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing you in November to do all over again.