Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spoonbill snagging 3/15/15

Had the pleasure of taking out the Reed family today. It wasn't quit the number of fish we where hoping for but one thing that made up for was it was a absolutely beautiful day. I think we only boated 6 spoonbill today. There was a lot more current today compared to yesterday and the fish seemed to be scattered more. Now the young lady in the bottom picture caught the big one fish of the day. You have got to see it. Go to my face book page and take a look.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spoonbill Snagging 3/14/15

Jeff Kendall booked a snagging trip with me and brought along 3 of his fiends (Matt,Rene and Mike). They ended up with 12 spoonbill weighing from 30 to around 60 lbs. We hit the water at 8 am and on the 2nd stop, they started to start hanging up on them. We had to travel a little father this time to fine the amount of fish we were looking for. All and all it was a really good day to be out on the water with some good fisherman. Check out my face book for some great action photos.