Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lost pictures from 2013

Here are some pictures from 2013 that had gotten lost in my poor recorded keeping. Take a look at them and enjoy them as much as those in the pictures

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 9th Skiatook Lake

I had a father and son trip on the 9th and man did they ever have fun. We caught plenty of hybrids and turned several back. We caught fish just about ever place that we stopped. We caught fish in 25 to 41 feet of water. Its always a fun trip when they are father and son. Thanks guys for the pleasure of letting me guide you that day.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skiatook Lake June 15th

I had a early morning trip today with 3 great people. It took a little while to zero in on some willing takers. When we did, they where in 40 foot of water. We did catch a few fish on free lines but most came on down lines. It was a great day to be on the water with good people.

June 16th Fishing on Skiatook Lake with grandkids

These trips are always the best when you have your grandkids with you. I had a early morning trip that morning so we kept the bait and took the kids out for a couple hours of fishing. In the top picture is my son David with his niece Kylie and his son Zach, In the bottom picture is little Natalie who is about to fall over with her life jacket on. We kinda had to end the trip a little early cause Natalie was getting hungry. I thought she had a good ideal so we reeled eveything up and headed back to the camp grounds and started the grills. Some of my best memories have been on outing like this one with family, I just love it,

Fishing with the family June 16th Skiatook Lake

June 15th Skiatook Lake

I had the pleasure of helping out on a 3 boat trip on Skiatook Lake. We loaded our boats up with our guest around 7:30 that morning and we were off and running. The first stop yielded about 15 fish and then it died out. Pulled in the lines and we where off and running again in search of another willing school of fish. We found them right off the bat and it did not take long to start putting fish over the side of the boat. We finished the day out and ended with 30 hybrids for a total. Everyone caught fish and we all had a great time.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pictures from May 2013 fishing trips pn Skiatook Lake

 Here are some fishing pictures from May. This has been a very good month on Skiatook Lake. We have caught bigger fish this year on this lake. The limit is 5 a piece and you can only keep 2 over 20". This has been a good problem, finding enough fish under 20" to finish out the day . Take a look and enjoy just like those below.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Skiatook Lake May 10th

I had the great pleasure to take the Eastin family out today for some hybrid action. The first stop yielded 8 fish which was a good stardt. That bite finally die out so we had heard from another guide on the lake (Dave Clark) that the bite was good on another spot. We reeled in the lines and put them in the rod holders and off we went. We got all set up again and ended finishing out our day at that spot.The fish where in about 22 to 25 ft. of water and very scattered. We caught sum on free lines and sum on down lines. The biggest fish probably went around 6 lbs. 

Skiatook Lake May 8th The Evening Trip

Had some bait left over from a morning trip so my boss ( Mark Morris) calls and wants to bring his father in-law out for a few hours of fishing. We loaded up in the boat and off we went hoping they were still where I had left them biting. We got anchored up and ended up with 5 hybrids. The biggest around 4lbs. It had slowed up alot but a few hours fishing and a few fish is still better then nothing.Here is a picture of Ray with a couple that he caught that evening. Ray it is always a pleasure to have you along side of me fishing my friend.

Skiatook Lake May 8th 2013

Had a trip with 4 very good fisherman at Skiatook Lake. It started out really slow but had a good ending. I think they put 16 fish in the boat. Once we found them, the bite very steady. All fish where caught in 10 to 12 ft. of water. Thanks guys for a fun afternoon and a great trip. Hope to see you soon