Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th Skiatook Lake Hybrids fishing

Had the Bridge Church group out on a 2 boat trip today. It was a little cold and windy but the fish didn't mine. They caught a 4 man limit and the biggest fish went around 5 lbs. There were times when we had 2 and 3 fish coming over the side of the boat at once. Great groups of guys and a lot fun.

Skiatook Lake April 26th

Had the Leon, his son and grand children out on Skiatook Lake last Sunday. It was a great trip, a little cold but that didn't bother the fish any. It started out a little slow but that problem went away in a very short time. I started cutting up bait into the water and the bite instantly turned for the good. They put a for man limit in the boat with a few sand bass to boot. The big fish of the day went around 7 lbs.

April 25th Chouteau Bend sandbass

Had Mathew and his wife out for some sandbass fishing. Wasn't a bad day but I have had better. At the end of the day I cleaned around 30 fish. It was a great day to be on the water a great couple

Chouteau Bend Sandbass fishing April 23rd

Took a trip to Chouteau Bend last Monday with Mark Morris. Man it was a good one. Caught our bait tried a couple of places with very little success. That all changed on the 3rd stop. It was game on with fish after fish coming over the side of the boat. With the evening coming to a close we figured we had around 60 really nice sand bass. We got them all cleaned and he brought them in for a noon fish fry for his employees.

Monday, April 20, 2015

4/19/15 Hybrids on Skiatook Lake

Had a good trip out with Jamie Meyers and his group. Our first stop didn't yield a super lot of fish but we did catch a couple nice ones. Made a move to our 2nd stop and it was much better. Ended the day there with a 4 man limit. They caught around 25 hybrids, 3 blues and 4 sand bass. It was a fun day on the water and a ton of laughs

4/17/15 Sandbass on Chouteau Bend

Took Ethan, Ashley, Conner, Bradford and George out for some sand bass. Man did they ever pick a great day to go. I had lost count of how many they had caught, but after 3 hours I was running out of bait and could barely get the cooler lid closed.. They easily caught over 100 sand bass.

Snagging on Chouteau Bend.

Larry Perkins brought a group of guys out to do some snagging last week. None of them have never caught a spoonbill before. Couldn't tell it after the first 30 minutes. They were putting spoonbill over the side of the boat extremely quick. There where several times when they had doubles. They ended the day with around 17 spoonbill and the view of a awesome Oklahoma evening.

Snagging on Chouteau Bend 4/15/15

Had a great father and son trip last Wednesday. Tim and his dad Geno wanted to try there hand at some spoonbill. Well that didn't take long Geno hooked up really quick followed up by his son Tim. They caught 12 to 15 in the 30 to 40 pound range. After that we went looking for some sand bass and caught a few. Just couldn't get a good pattern on them for the short time we had left

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chouteau Bend April 12th

Had the Trook family out for some sand bass today at Chouteau Bend. I got bait caught before they got there. We loaded up made a couple of stops and caught around 20. Went father up the river, got set up and it was on. It got to where ever cast they were catching a fish. It was easily a 150 fish day. Great day to be on the water with a father and his 2 sons. Check out my face book for some more pictures.

April 10th and 11th Fishing with family

2 of my brothers made a trip down to do some fishing over the weekend with me. Friday we went to Chouteau Bend and caught 45 sand bass. The bite was ok but not super. They did have a lot of water flowing and I think this had a lot to do with it. Now Saturday we went to Skiatook Lake to fish for hybrids. What a good choice. We found them and they were willing to eat. The bite didn't start out fast and furious but when it did kick in, it was game on. We ended up catching 43 with the biggest around 6.5 lbs. That was a ton of fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

sand bass fishing 4/7/15

what a great trip had a late evening trip with Spencer family. We didn't exactly tear um up but did  manage 36 sandies. We used all live shad and the bite was very soft. I do think if they weren't releasing .so much water the bite would have been better

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chouteau Bend April 5th

Had Ralph and Todd out on a snagging trip and they hooked up really quick on 3 spoonbill and then wanted to try their luck on some sandbass. It was a totally different day from the day before. They had so much water running that after about 3 hours of fishing we only had 14 fish. Still all and all it was a fun day with some good people

April 5th Spoonbill on Chouteau Bend

We finally got it done. Steve Banks wanted to take his new bride Lindsey on a spoonbill trip. We splashed the boat and on the first stop and only a few jerks Lindsey is hooked up. Well about 10 minutes later it was getting close enough for me to grab and it just came off. Steve then got his chance but guess what, his came off also. After more misses and come offs we finally got 2 spoonbill in the boat. A lot of work went into those 2 fish but they earned every bit of the joy in the pictures.

April 4th Chouteau Bend sandbass

Man did we ever get into the sandbass on Chouteau Bend. Trey booked a trip last year about the same time and we could not put a another fish in the cooler. Now this cooler holds about 125 sandbass and it was stuffed. Well it was a repeat of last year. We went thru a 150 baits in about 3 hours. What a great trip. Check out my face book page for more fun.

April 4th Spoonbill on Chouteau Bend

What a great trip. This is the 2nd time Jeff had been out with me this year. This time he brought a different crew with him and they ended up with 10 spoonbill. Missed a few but the ones that they caught were really nice fish. The big fish of the day went to his wife which guessing went around 70 lbs. You can see her holding that fish on my face book page.