Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dec.20th Carl Blackwell

Made a trip with  a repeat customer. to Carl Blackwell today. Wasn't one of the best they have ever had we me but we did put 2 nice hybrids and 6 catfish in the boat. The wind did play a factor today with some gust over 30 mph which kept us from fishing some spots that could of paid off. It was still a lot of fun with some good fishermen.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sooner Lake 12/6/2015

Had a trip out with some repeat customers on Sooner Lake. We were trying to target hybrids but ended up with a mix bag of fish. We caught 6 hybrids and 1 striper on the warm side with a few misses. Got a call from some good friends that were fishing up by the dam and they were on some blues. We reeled everything up and made the trip to the dam and wasn't very long before the first 6lb. blue was coming over the boat. We ended the day by adding 8 blues between 6 to 10 lbs. to the count. Great day to be on the water with some really good fisherman.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sooner Lake 11/29/15

Made a trip to Sooner Lake and took Dave Clark and Butch Cross with me. Got on the water about 7:30 am and had the first fish coming over the side of the boat in less then 10 minutes. Made a couple of more moves when Butch pointed out that some birds were working in a cove so off we went and it paid off. We put another 5 fish over the side before some friends who were on the lake said they were on some good fish. Off we went. We fished over 45 ft. of water about 20 ft. down when Dave laid into this nice 10 lb. striper. We didn't run out of bait but didn't have about a dozen left when we decided to call it a day. We had 5 blues and about 15 hybrids. Check out my face book for more pictures

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sooner Lake 10/25/15

Had a father and son trip on Sooner Lake today. We started out looking for hybrids and caught only one. Move out to 45 ft. of water and the catfish just kept come over the side of the boat. So guess what? Yep we turned it into a catfish trip. Cleaned 22 blues and channels mix and one hybrid. Some times live serves you lemon's so you make lemonade. Great day to be on the water with some great fishermen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fishing in Sept. Sooner Lake

Had a couple of trips on Sooner Lake the last couple of weekends. Some stripers and some hybrids. Biggest fish around 10# with several in the 3# to 6#. We were fishing over 70 ft. of water with our lines down to 35 to 45 ft. The would come thru and you would catch one and then you would have to wait some more. On a average you would catch about 3 per hour. Still a lot of fun to see that rod double over when they hit that live bait.

Monday, August 31, 2015

8/29/15 Lake Carl Blackwell

Had a father and son trip Saturday on Lake Carl Blackwell and it was a tough day. We ended the day with 5 fish and had to work hard at getting those. We really didn't see anybody else catching anything. Like I said it was a tough August day. Still Nicholas was still able to have a great time and holding this real nice blue catfish

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hybrid fishing on Carl Blackwell 8/21/15

Had a trip out last Friday with 5 guys who get together every year and  fish. This year I took them to Carl Blackwell and we ended up with 18 fish with the majority being hybrids. Great trip with some great fishermen.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sooner Lake 8/10/15

Had a trip Sunday out on Sooner Lake. First it was extremely hot. 2nd the fish weren't wanting to cooperate at all. We found some scattered fish over 60 ft. of water and had several nice pull downs but couldn't get hooked up. Ended the day with 0 fish but some great company. This is part of fishing in August. Really the only thing you can expect out of a guide in this kind of heat and warm water temps is that they work hard and do their best to put fish in the boat.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/27/15 Keysone Lake scouting trip

Made a evening outing to Keystone yesterday. It wasn't at all a bad trip but didn't turn out quite like I thought it would. Went looking for some stripers and caught 2. One went around 3lbs. and the other went in the 5 lb. range. I went looking for some more fish cause that bite died out really quick. I found a bunch of fish on a hump, baited up dropped them down and started pulling in some 2 to 3 lb. sand bass. I quit keeping count after 30 but it was like fishing at Chouteau Bend in the spring time. I just couldn't keep them baited. If you are looking for a fun trip these are a ton of fun when you get into fish like that.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Carl Blackwell 7/12/2015

Had a trip to Carl Blackwell today and man did they ever put a whoop in on those hybrids. Ended the day we 23 hybrids and a nice 9 pounder in the mix. We also had 9 catfish along with the hybrids. I have been on Keystone Lake some with a hit and miss average. I would go a few trips and do real well and then it would be a seek and search outing. I think I have finally got a better handle on the stripers at Keystone again. Sorry I do not have any pictures to of the trip. Lost a brand new phone last week on Keystone Lake and I sure do miss the camera part of it the most. Give me a call if you are interested in a trip in the future and I will do my best to put you on some good quality fish

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Skiatook Lake from 2 weeks back Hybrids at there best

Here are some great pictures from some very good fisherman from the past 2 weeks. All of these people caught their limit of fish and then some on Skiatook Lake.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hybrid fishing Skiatook Lake 5/17/15

What a great trip on Skiatook Lake today. Had a good family outing and they all knew how to catch fish. Made one stop today and  never did move off that spot We stayed there for 5 hours and caught some really nice fish. The total tally for the day was 79 fish with the biggest being around 5 lbs. There were several times when they had 4 on at once and doubles was quit common.

Skiatook Lake hybrid fishing 5/16/15

Had a great trip out Saturday with a father and daughter. They did great at putting fish in the boat . We start out along a river channel and caught some really nice fish. That bite died off so we made another move and caught a few more. Made one more move and caught some bigger fish. Ended the day with a total of around 40 fish.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Skiatook Lake Hybrids on Skiatook Lake 5/9/15

Had a group of blue collar concrete workers out for a little hybrid action and the big hybrids showed up. We went to a spot that was producing some smaller fish so went off looking for some bigger fish and we found them. Most of these fish went over the 20" mark. We had anchored up in 26 ft. of water and it was just minutes before they had a bigger hybrid coming over the boat. This action continued for 2 more hours. At the end of the day they had a 4 man limit of 20 hybrids and then caught and released about another 20 to 25 more big hybrids.

Skiatook Lake 5/7/15

Had a group out from TDW last Thursday. The bite started out a little slow so we tried a couple of places and finally zeroed in on them. None of these guys have never fished for hybrids before and I would definitely say they are hooked. Most of the fish went from 3 to 5 lbs. and were caught on live shad. A lot of these fish where caught on free lines with live shad in 20 to 22 feet of water. Check out my face book page for a couple of more pictures.