Monday, September 29, 2014

Birch Lake Hybrid Fishing 9/28/2014

Had a great trip out with Marie Sweet and her family. We went to Birch Lake in search of some hybrids. It took a little time to figure them out but we did. We started catching them on free lines with no weight casted away from the boat. At the end of the trip they had put 10 hybrids in the boat that went 3 to 6 lbs., 1 flathead that went around 15lbs. 1 channel cat and 2 sand bass. It was a great day weather wise to share with a good family

Friday, September 19, 2014

Skiatook Lake Hybrids(wipers) 9/13/2014

Had a 3 hour trip on Skiatook Lake last Saturday with Robert and his family. Now one thing I can honestly say is they know how to put fish over the side of the boat. They caught a 4 man limit (20) and made it look easy. We had a lot of laughs along with a few misses. This was a great fun time even for the guide. We caught all of our fish in 20 ft. of water with live shad. It took a little chumming to get them started and then the bite was steady with a double mixed in ever now and then. Thanks Robert it was fun. Check out more previous fishing pictures on my face book page.

Keystone Laake Striper 9/17/2014

Had a trip to Keystone Lake for a evening sand bass and striper trip and was a good one We caught around 40 sand bass and 20 stripers from 2 to 7 lbs., The stripers did not move in until dark. It was kind of neat to here them swirl the water around you, We where fishing in 3 to 4 feet of water with swim baits. This picture is a little blurry but this fish weighed around 6 lbs. Now until the middle of November will be great fishing for the stripers and sand bass 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Keystone Lake Striper Fishing 9/7/14

Had 3 guys out on Keystone Lake Sunday for a early morning top water bite for some stripers. We hit the water around 5:30 am and made a drive to the spot and anchored up in 4 ft. of water. After about 15 minutes we started to see the stripes splashing along the bank. We ended up with 4 keepers out of that bunch. The top water bite turned off after about 45 minutes so we went looking down the lake for some more. Found a spot that looked like it wound hold a few and down went the baits. We caught a couple more and then we moved around with the trolling motor and put some more in the boat. At the end of the day we had 9 stripers and  couple of nice blues. The biggest striper went around 8 lbs. A perfect day weather wise to be on the water.

Hybrid (wipers) Birch Lake 9/5/14

Fished Birch Lake on Friday and had a decent day. It took a little bit to find some willing fish but when we did it was on. It wasn't a fast bite but it was steady. They ended up with 12 hybrids and 2 decent catfish. The hybrids went in the range of 3 to 4 lbs. Great day to be on the water . Not to hot and not to cold.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Birch Lake Hybrid Fishing 8/30/14

Took a scouting trip to Birch Lake this Saturday and did really decent. It took a little while to find them but when we did it was on. We found them in 22 ft. of water and for the next 2 hours we had fish coming over the side of the boat. Great time with good friends and what made it really good was I got to fish for a change.

Skiatook Lake Hybrid Fishing 8/29/14

Man what a trip we had on Skiatook Lake. I had a 5 person trip and these guys knew how to put fish in the boat. We found the fish in 33 ft. of water but it took a lot of chum in the water to get them started. Man when they turned on we had rods bowed over for 3 hours straight. They ended up with around 40 hybrids and 7 or 8 catfish. The weather was great and the fishing was on fire.

Keystone Lake Striper Fishing

We had a great trip last Thursday on Keystone Lake fishing for stripers. Danielle and her brother had never caught stripers before. It took a little time to locate some willing takers but we found them. They caught only 4 stripers with the biggest around 7 lbs. It was a fun trip with great people.