Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dec.20th Carl Blackwell

Made a trip with  a repeat customer. to Carl Blackwell today. Wasn't one of the best they have ever had we me but we did put 2 nice hybrids and 6 catfish in the boat. The wind did play a factor today with some gust over 30 mph which kept us from fishing some spots that could of paid off. It was still a lot of fun with some good fishermen.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sooner Lake 12/6/2015

Had a trip out with some repeat customers on Sooner Lake. We were trying to target hybrids but ended up with a mix bag of fish. We caught 6 hybrids and 1 striper on the warm side with a few misses. Got a call from some good friends that were fishing up by the dam and they were on some blues. We reeled everything up and made the trip to the dam and wasn't very long before the first 6lb. blue was coming over the boat. We ended the day by adding 8 blues between 6 to 10 lbs. to the count. Great day to be on the water with some really good fisherman.