Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Keystone Lake 6/24/14

Made a trip yesterday to Keystone Lake with good friend Ralph Gillean.We splashed the boat at Pier 51 and the adventure begun. I went to a spot that I had be wanting to try for a couple of weeks. We didn't see much at first so I put the trolling motor down and started to slowly move the boat. We put down lines out and we hadn't gone 50 yards and bam, down went a rod and we landed a good healthy 6 lb.striper. Shortly after putting that one in the box we had 2 more coming over the side of the boat with Ralph pulling in a good 11lber. We ended up catching 20 stripers. Here are some pictures of a very fun trip. Check out my face book page for more pictures.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Skiatook Lake 6/22/14

Had a morning trip on Skiatook Saturday morning and it was a little tougher then I had expected. We got a 7 am start and headed to a place that has been producing some decent hybrids/wipers lately and it dried up. Yep we caught 5 fish there and they where a little on the small side so about 8:30 we where off and looking. We stopped at a couple of places but struck out until the last spot. The screen lit up with a large school of fish below us and we could hardly get the baits to the bottom. We put several fish in the boat with the down lines and then finished out the rest of there limit with free lines. You couldn't ask for a better day to fish. Not to much wind and a cloud ever now and then. The water temp was 80 degrees. These fish have definitely settle into there summer patterns. We ended the day with 20 hybrids/wipers,4 sand bass and  1 blue.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Skiatook Lake 6/16/2014

Had a great trip Monday evening with these two guys. We got started around 3 pm and man was it windy. It had to be blowing at least 25 to 30 mph. We found a place out of the wind that wasn't to too bad. Put some down lines in the water and throw out a couple of free lines and it was on. It wasn't fast and furious but steady. At the end of the day we kept out limit and threw the about 5 more back to play another day. These fish where caught in 24 t0 28 ft. of water and the water temp was 78 degrees

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Skiatook Lake 6/11/14

Really had to work for them today. I had 3 guys in my boat today. One from Florida and two from Oklahoma. The bite wasn't as fast as it has been in previous weeks but we still managed to put 32 in the boat. The big fish for the day went around 4 1/2 lbs. Most of the fish we caught today were in 33 to 41 ft. of water. I must say that this was the calmest day I have fished all year. We kind of had to chase the fish today. We would fine a small school and catch 3 or 4 out of it and then we would have to move a little and we would fine them again. All and all it wasn't to bad of a day. These 3 guys didn't miss many fish. Thanks for a fun trip. See a extra action picture on my face book page

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Skiatook Lake 6/7/14

Had a trip out last Saturday with Rick and Jason. It started out a little slower then normal and never did really pick up, We did manage to put 40 fish over the side of the boat with the biggest coming in at about 5 lbs. We had to chase the fish around a little to keep the bite going The day was great weather wise and good company on top of that. Check out the cooler of fish on my face book page.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Skiatook Lake 5/31/14

Had a family of 4 out and I must say that the kids showed mom and dad how it is was done. We splashed the boat at 7 am Saturday morning and made a short run and it begun. Lines in the water with hungry fish below us. We caught about 6 on this stop and then it played out and off we went looking. Now this stop we where fishing in about 40 ft. of water and these fish had some attitude. Worked on this group of fish for a little over 1 hour and then it died out. So once again we went looking and found another group that was willing to give us a fight. There where times thru out the day that the bite was so fast that I had a hard time keeping up with baiting the lines. We ended up with over 60 fish for the day with biggest running around 5 lbs. Enjoy the pictures. I think the action shots of the kids are awesome. This was a really fun trip with a fun family. Thanks guys 

Had a great trip with some really great people. David decided to take his son and his sons girl friend on a hybrid ( wipers ) trip. We met up at 4 in the afternoon loaded up in the boat and we were off. First stop started good with fish coming over the side of the boat immediately. That bite died out after about 1 hour so off we went looking and man did we ever get into them. We got set up on the 2nd spot and it was game on. At the end of the trip we had put over 30 fish in the boat. The biggest went about 5 lbs. Now the young lady in the picture had never fished before but by the end of the trip she had it down pat. It was a fun trip with good people.