Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chouteau Bend 3/12/17

Had a great family out today for a little spoon bill action and some sand bass fishing. We had the boat splashed at 7 am, loaded up and we were off. Off at a slow pace. The fog was so thick that you could not see the banks. On we went. Found some decent spoon bill and it wasn't long before we had one in the boat, took a few quick pictures and back in the water it went. We boated 8 spoon bill this morning and tagged 3 of them and we were off looking for some sand bass. Found them on the first stop and put 90 in the boat in less then 2 hours. Great day on the water. To see the pictures from today go to my face book page and take a look. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb. 11th Blue Cat fishing on Keystone Lake

Had a great trip out with some repeat customers Charles and Kristina. We got the boat splashed around 8 am. We loaded up and made out first stop putting about 12 in the boat. It slowed up so we went a looking with no luck. Went back to where we first started and caught a few more. Nothing real big but they took home 3 gallons of fillets. Water temp was 48 degrees. You can go to my face book page and see the pictures from the trip. Remember that I never use jugs when cat fishing.All were caught on rod and reel using cut bait.